Welcome to The SmokeLess Faire!

The SmokeLess Faire (TSLF) mission is to introduce smokers to a festival of Tobacco Harm Reduction products and education. This unlike any other event currently running. The difference is in the wide variety of products available and the focus on educating smokers on safer alternatives. This approach is designed to allow them to make an educated decision while having many options. What works for some may not work for others so variety is the key.

Many other events are of just a few varieties of smokeless products but TSLF is working hard to change how smokers are limited to just a few options. Imagine DOZENS of different methods for nicotine delivery or other products that are helpful for cessation. We will have conference style rooms for seminars and educational speeches and hands on experiences with the numerous products to give you the best chance to find what will work for you. That is what sets us apart from every other event.

You will hear from some of the top-notch advocates and educators on tobacco harm reduction and explore new types of smokeless products never before presented in an atmosphere like this. Everything from nicotine toothpicks to SNUS and more are here for you to learn about, and use, to help you quit smoking. We hope you learn much and are able to find the right product(s) to make your quit smoking attempt a successful one.

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Available Appointments on November 12, 2019

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